• Iron the dress and lay it out flat. With the steel rose setapsray spray create a shading of pink. Leave to dry well before turning the dress upside down and doing the same on the back. 

  • Using the fade-out marker, copy the sentence "la vie est belle" at the level of the belt by placing the sentence well in the middle

  • Paint the sentence, filling in the outlines using a fine brush and black setacolor paint. Leave it to dry.

  • At the bottom of the dress, using the fade-out marker, copy large and small flowers and some leaves

  • Paint the flowers using a fine brush and black setacolor paint. Paint the outlines first, then the shadows and finish with the small dots and details. Leave it to dry.

  • Protect the paints with a cloth or a sheet of baking paper and iron for 5 minutes with an iron on cotton position to fix the colour. 



  • a white dress
  • setacolor opaque black
  • fine brush
  • fade-out marker
  • steel rose setaspray spray